Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Subliminal Messages Advertising

If you don't thing that flashing messages before works then you obviously havn't spoken to any companies that use subliminal messages advertising. Fast food giant McDonald's uses the technique it self. Basically the messages flashes before the audience so fast that unless you are paying extremely close attention you wouldn't notice anything amiss. You definitely would know what flashed before your eyes. McDonald's flashed it's logo in such a fashion during the "Iron Cheff" TV show. This would put a strong connection to good food with McDonald's. Subliminal Messages Advertising is very real and is used by McDonalds

Could these messages work on work on you? Yes, they can. So, what if you could control the messages that you are getting? That way you can send messages directly to you subconscious mind, allowing you to achieve any goal you want. Are you curious . . . MindZoom.net

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